Sow What?

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 8:11 Do you have the truth? So what. If you have the truth you ought to be thankful, but holding the truth & withholding the truth is wrong. What truth are you sowing? The Written Word did not move Satan in the wilderness with Jesus. The Spoken Word is what caused the enemy to eventually leave. The Written Word must become the Spoken Word in our community.

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How Think Ye?

Matthew 18:11-12 Jesus state His purpose to save the lost & then asked the disciples "What think ye?" or "How do you think?". I hope we value 1 soul as Jesus does. People are more prone to search out their lost pet than their lost neighbor.

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The Armor of God: Gospel Shoes

Ephesians 6:15 God gave us these "shoes of the gospel" not to show off but to go forth. When an athlete steps onto a field or a court they are laced up and ready to go.

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David Nabal & Abigail

1 Samuel 25:1-3 The story of David, Nabal, & Abigail is amazing imagery of the church as an intercessor for the world before the return of Jesus Christ. This day needs the wisdom & haste of Abigail interceding.

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