Hope Referral

Pastor Mark Brown Proverbs 13:12 The longer hope is delayed the more likely it is removed. We cannot afford to forfeit our hope. We are saved by hope. We are purified by hope. We are persuaded by hope. The spirit of the area is hopelessness, and it must be defeated. Like Abraham, "against hope we must believe in hope".

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Again Faith

Pastor Mark Brown Philippians 4:4 Some things must be reminded or they are removed. In various pursuits of prayer we must not have momentary faith but "again faith". Multiple times in Scripture we find people who have persistently prayed to God for the promise they believed Him to perform.

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Who Wants a Miracle?

Pastor Mark Brown Hebrews 11:6 God is not only real, but He really rewards those that pursue Him. If you want a miracle, God wants your pursuit. God will meet you are your level of faith, and then exceed your expectations.

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Preserve Me

Scott Armstrong Psalm 16:1 God is not only willing to save us but He is also able to preserve us. What the Lord cleans out of us, and places within us can be kept safe by the seal of the Spirit.

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