Without Hope But Within Reach

Pastor Mark Brown Job 7:6 The state of hopelessness is a terrible place to live. Hope seems miles away and virtually unattainable. The truth is that hope is closer than you realize. It is within reach.

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Have You Considered?

Pastor Mark Brown Proverbs 6:6 There are lessons all around us to be learned. We must stop what we are doing, especially when it is not working, and consider why. The voice of God is calling us to consider His way so you don't lose your home.

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The First To See Jesus

Pastor Mark Brown Mark 16:9 The first person to see Jesus after His resurrection was not an apostle, or even His mother. It was a woman who used to be possessed by seven devils. What did she do to become the person to see Jesus when He rose from the dead?

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Limiting The Holy One

Pastor Mark Brown Psalm 78:41 God is all powerful and has all authority, but people have the capacity to limit God. They limit the level in which He can operate and perform in their lives and through them. It should be a goal to allow God to perform in limitless ways in our lives.

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The Voice Of A Friend

Pastor Mark Brown 1Corinthians 14:10-11 Voices are significant. If we do not comprehend the value and influence of others voices or our own then we will miss windows of opportunity.…

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From a Season to a Dimension

Landon Gore 2Kings 8:1 God can restore everything lost in the season of a seven year famine in one day. Not just a restoration of the home and land lost, but the harvest of seven years restored.

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