Valley of Decision

Pastor Mark Brown Joel 3:14 Everyday people make decisions. Every decision has a consequence. But many decisions don't carry significant consequences. Other decisions are crucial. Baptism is one of those…

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The Great Cover Up

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 28:11-15 When we try to cover up our sins we are making the worst mistake. The only way to truly have our sins covered is to…

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God Alone

Pastor Mark Brown Psalm 86:10 There is only one God and He is God alone. But the amazing thing is that He won't leave you alone

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The Children Are Free

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 17:26 There is a liberating power we are meant to tap into as the children of God. But if we do not know that we are…

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Regions Beyond Reach

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 17:5 2Corinthians 10:16 Life is full of things that appear unattainable or beyond our reach. This fact can discourage us from pursuing them, but there is…

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